Dear friends, we are glad to invite you to the discussion “What is reflection and why is it important to practice it?”.

About this event

What is reflection and why is it important to practice it?

USG Learning speaker is Mariia Bokovnia ‘17 will answer that question.

After graduating from high school, Mariia studied at the Ukrainian Leadership Academy @ual.ua During her studies through the academy, she discovered how reflection had an immense effect on her experience.

Mariia believes that reflection enables us to evaluate and process what we’ve experienced. This is a crucial skill, especially in the fast changing world we live in today.

During the webinar you will learn different reflective practices and how to self-reflect in wartime.

Join our event “Everyday reflection” on July 19 at 19:00 Kyiv time.

“USG Learning” is a series of workshops by the U.S. Government Sponsored Programs alumni. All the workshops are free, voluntary donations proceed to FLEX Alumni Fundraiser for Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Details : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/everyday-reflection-tickets-384595003007